Helping people of Nottingham save on travel!

notts-travelDespite the popularity of secret hotels over the last few years, there are many people out there still yet to try the money saving concept. A recent poll revealed that the majority of skepticism came from the concern over location. Since the name, and therefore the address, of the hotel is not revealed until after the booking has been made, many people worry that they’ll book somewhere that sounds nice and then end up in the middle of nowhere, miles away from their preferred area of the city.

In the past, this certainly was a gamble. Unless the title or description described a nearby landmark or tube station, people could find themselves in an inconvenient area of the city. However, since Lastminute integrated Google maps, this skepticism has virtually disappeared. Each secret hotel listing now includes a highlighted area of Google maps in which the secret hotel is based. So if you know you need to be in Canary Wharf for work or fancy yourself in Mayfair for a special weekend away, you can easily see on the map if your hotel fits the criteria. Once you’ve confirmed the location, you can compare on facilities and read the descriptions for clues on the type of hotel it is.

Secret hotels are keen to highlight their advantages so it’s not uncommon to see clues like ‘award winning restaurant’ or ‘roof top bar’. Some of these clues might even be enough to reveal which hotel in the area it is!